Title: Student
Client: NYU
Field: Web Design & Development, Interactive Media
Skills: Web-based Animation, Digital Illustration
Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Procreate, Adobe Photoshop
The “Elements” series was created with the combined use of HTML5, Javascript, as well as CSS3. Each illustration was drawn by hand using the app ProCreate. Each digital illustration is actually constructed in many different parts, layering many illustrated image assets together in order to build the resulting moving images.
I created digital illustrations that revolve around the concept of the four elements as a means to express my interpretation of the relationship between the natural world and humans, both the power and beauty of nature, and also to express my cultural roots through rendering everything in a style influenced by traditional Chinese painting.
The series of animations has a central interface which features the Chinese characters for each of the 4 elements. When you hover on each, an illustration of the separate elements appear.
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