GRIT: A Dramatic Television Series
Title: Visual Designer
Client: SirenSong Entertainment, Helen Cespedes & Sarah Hartmann 
Field: Responsive Web Design, Print Design, Graphic Design, Branding
Skills: Color, Layout, Typography, Design thinking
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Squarespace
Working with writers, Helen Cespedes and Sarah Hartmann, I aimed to create a consistent set of multi-modal marketing materials that could be presented to entertainment executives in an effort to get their television series, GRIT, produced. For this project, we decided that our goal was to create a responsive website that was easily viewed through both mobile and web, as well a magazine-style flip book to present during pitches.

Design a website and pitch book that allows users who are unfamiliar with the content to easily follow the story being presented.
Accurately represent the emotional experience of the source content through imagery, branding, and interfaces. 
Create a consistent visual identity for the series that is present across web-based and offline modes.
P&P wireframes
Flipbook Design
Sample of Flipbook Layout Iterations
Sample of final flipbook spreads
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