Whalien 52
Title: Student
Client: NYU
Field: Web Design & Development, Interactive Media
Skills: Animation, 3D Modeling and Scene Creation
Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL
This animation project explores the us of the WebGL JavaScript API in conjunction with the three.js library.
This projection takes inspiration from the story if the 52-hertz whale. Known as the “loneliest whale in the world” this individual whale of an unidentified species was first discovered in the 1980s and found to vocalize at the incredibly high frequency of 52 Hz, significantly higher than its other whale species counterparts. This whale is believed to be the only one with the ability to call out with this frequency, leaving it unable to communicate with other whales and therefore resulting its its “lonely” characterization.
The K-pop group BTS have a song called “Whale 52” that is also based on this story and served as further inspiration for this project. The song touches on the theme of loneliness but also hope, and determination, ideas that I wanted to express in through this animation.
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